Band news for 2016

Yesterday saw the first band practice of 2016 and some popular new additions to this year’s set list (Bruno Mars, Queen, Phil Collins, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, AC/DC – details to follow). There was plenty to talk about – new equipment, new gigs, new arrangements, a forthcoming wedding show – and the unwelcome news of a technical disaster that took place while transferring this website to a new host.

Alex is in the process of re-writing the pages that have been lost, but some words and images have gone forever. As Kurt Cobain would say: “Never mind”. (He would probably also have said to keep a current backup on your local hard drive.)


Check back soon for new sound and video clips, featuring our outstanding new vocalist. Or follow the blog and you’ll get an email when there’s something new to read, see or hear.

In the meantime, hope your 2016 rocks as much as ours will – and we look forward to playing for you again soon!

Gérard and Thierry still haven't found [the equipment] they're looking for.

Gérard and Thierry last year – and they still haven’t found what they’re looking for.