The in-ear monitoring revolution

Our setup this year is lighter, quieter and more spectacular than ever. Which is great for us and the people who book us. One of the most life-changing improvements we’ve made is in-ear monitoring.

If you play live and you haven’t tried it, it’s revolutionary.

Gone are the heavy, space-invading on-stage monitors (and the need to haul them to gigs). Now we have small, light, personal monitoring just the way we want it. The four of us have gone for Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones, while frontman Glenn’s gone for the next level up. Me, Gérard (and, I think, Thierry) have chosen the mains-powered Samson S-monitor from Thomann, while Eric and Glenn have gone wireless.

(If you go for the Samson S, you should order a headphone extension at the same time if you don’t have one already.)

Altogether, that’s ear-friendly monitoring luxury for about €150 – and worth every centime.