First glimpse of our new vocalist

At the end of the 2015 season, our awesome frontman of the last two years, Glenn, confirmed that he was retiring. Which left us wondering how we were going to fill the shoes of – arguably – the most important member of the band.

We discreetly put the word out and held our own mini X Factor. Everyone we saw and spoke to was a serious, professional singer. And each could have charmed and impressed our clients at weddings, parties and events for years to come. But, as often happens in auditions, one vocalist landed the job with the first three notes he sang.

This is that man.

Introducing our new vocalist – Wilfried

Introducing our new vocalist – Wilfried

Wilfried has an astonishingly voice and fantastic range. He’s familiar with many of the songs on the set list already, and working on the others as I write this. New song samples will be available as soon as possible. And new photos, video, songs… No prizes for guessing how SouthWest will be spending the winter – getting ready for our best summer yet.