Your French wedding band – now on DVD!

In our last band practice, we shot this short film. It’s designed to give you an insight into who we are, what we do – and why we love to do it. At the end of this video, one thing should be clear: If you are planning a wedding in France and you are looking for a live band – in the Dordogne, Aquitaine, or anywhere in this part of the country – this is the band to book.

This whole film was shot between coffee and lunch on the same day. And we had to drop a bunch of songs because the first cut ran to 17 minutes. The sound is recorded live with these actual pictures – not edited or added to in post production. Which means, when you book this band for your French wedding, this is what you get. Plus the lights, smoke, audience participation and all the other things we bring to the party.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it.