Let there be sounds! And pictures!

[Alex writing] If we told you how hard we’re working to bring you new sounds and images – so you can get a really good idea about how really good the band is – you’d say: “Yeah, right.”

And you’d be right.

Over the next few hours and days, we’ll be drip-feeding songs to our Soundcloud channel and adding videos to our youtube channel.

Here’s a little clip of the first song uploaded this week. It’s a quick – not final – mix destined for our demo CD that’ll be coming off the presses soon.

And here’s a video I knocked together from our end-of-season party with three cameras.

No time to write more – I’m trying to get back to an epic Queen medley I’m putting together for the solo piano set list. I’ll record it and let you hear a sample as soon as possible. First, coffee.