Meet the band

Introducing our new vocalist – Wilfried

Vocals: Wilfried Duerre

Wil joined the band back in 2015. His range covers pop, rock, soul, gospel, improvisation, jazz, music hall and more. When not performing or rehearsing with SouthWest, he sings with an orchestra near Bordeaux, and works at Radio Dordogne.

eric small

Guitar & backing vocals: Eric Friboulet

From rock and pop, to R&B, soul, funk, blues and classical, there is nothing this man can’t play. One of the hardest-working guitarists in the region, Eric also has a full teaching schedule and heads the music school in Belvès.

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Keyboard & backing vocals: Alex Crowe

Alex has written music for theatre and TV and performed on some of the world’s biggest stages, supporting artists like Iggy Pop and The Ramones. He also teaches, and is available to play solo piano for wedding receptions, parties and events.

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Bass: Thierry Deguilhem

After achieving success writing, recording and touring with Bigaroc in 1990, Thierry has never stopped playing. When not on stage or in rehearsal with SouthWest, Thierry travels the country representing one of the Europe’s leading music equipment suppliers.

Festival des Arts martiaux Bercy 2014

Drums: Gérard Morandi

Gérard and Thierry have been playing together for over 30 years – and their musical marriage is still going strong. Not only an astonishingly good drummer and drumming teacher, he’s also one of the loveliest people you will ever meet.