Are you looking for the best wedding band in southwest France?

What a proposition - the best band for your French wedding.

What a proposition – the best band for your French wedding.

If it’s for your wedding, you’re not just looking for a “wedding band in the Dordogne”. You will only be happy with “the best wedding band in southwest France”. The band that will make your wedding reception even better than you could possibly imagine.

You’ve already found your perfect life partner. So the question now is: What would make your perfect French wedding band?

Is it a great set list? We think so. Which is why we’ve got five hours of excellent, dance-floor filling tracks to choose from. And we’re adding more fantastic songs all the time. But every self-respecting wedding band should have this quantity of material – how else could they play for an extra hour or more when the audience just can’t get enough? At one wedding in 2014, SouthWest played until 4.30am.

Is it the quality of musicianship? We can’t think of anything more important. Which is why we rehearse as a band all year round. We never know when the next wedding is going to be – or where – and it’s essential that we’re up to speed on the whole set. Luckily, we love the songs and we love playing together. Our audiences tell us this really comes across when we play live.

Is the way the band looks and sounds the most important thing? Absolutely. Which is why we invest heavily in the best and latest equipment. We have just upgraded our mixing desk, bought a stack of effects, in-ear monitoring and more. We also have a new sound and lighting engineer so we look and sound better than ever.

Is it the frontman? Yes it is. Which is what makes Glenn so central to the band’s success. He doesn’t just have an awesome voice, he has a great sense of humour and really knows how to work an audience. He demands the best from everyone in the band – including himself – and SouthWest delivers.

Is it the price? It must be. Which is why we have a range of packages to choose from, starting with a three-hour set and going all the way to a four-hour set with 90 minutes of solo piano during cocktails. If you want more, you can have it – all you need to do is ask, in advance or on the night.

Or is it all of the above? If it is, you can stop looking for the best wedding band in southwest France. You’ve just found us. Get in touch and we’ll see you on stage!

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