This video should blow your mind

(Alex here) I asked Glenn to send over the video for “Take me to the river” and thought I’d drop it on the recording I uploaded a clip of yesterday.

The only trouble was, I couldn’t match the video with the backing track. It was pretty close, but Gérard was playing stuff in the recording I couldn’t see on the video. Same with me on keyboards and Thierry on bass. After a while, I realised this was the video from a previous run through. I watched it to the end with increasing awe. We don’t use click tracks. The timing is set by Gérard and we all come in. In over four minutes, Gérard is absolutely on the beat. No speeding up. No slowing down. I promise I haven’t tweaked the video. It’s here as it was shot.

Check it out. Watch the snare. Worship the awesomeness of the best drummer I’ve ever worked with.