The wax factor – or, how to get rid of unwanted feedback coming from your guitar

Eric recording with his freshly wax-potted pickup yesterday.

Eric recording with his freshly wax-potted pickup yesterday.

Today’s blog post is from SouthWest lead guitarist, Eric, about wax potting pickups:

I had a feedback problem with one of my guitar pickups. I mean, not the beautiful musical Hendrix-like feedback, but the horrible ear-killing one, like you get from a microphone. That pickup squealed like stuck pigs (true story – Alex the keyboard player)! It’s called “microphonic feedback” and is caused by trapped air between the coils of wire and the magnet, or the pickup cover. The solution was to dip that bad boy in hot wax – yes! – in order to remove that unwanted air. Now the pickup is working fine. I can play loud – even louder than before (uh-oh – Alex again).

If this is a problem for you, check out the tutorial videos on wax potting pickups and try it for yourself and leave some feedback below.

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