We do like Mondays

Wedding band in France during the summer, recording band in Belvès during the winter.

Wedding band in France by summer, recording band in Belvès by winter. This lifestyle rocks.

Mondays are when the whole band is available to get together for a full rehearsal. During the summer, these sessions are spent working on the existing set list and adding new songs we just have to play. (This is a bigger problem than you might think – there are so many good songs out there and more are being written all the time – it’s hard to keep up.)

After a few weeks “off” (teaching and working on other music), it’s time to get down to some serious recording.

We made a decent start this morning, laying down the bones of six tracks – new and old – before lunch. You’ll be the first to hear the results. You shouldn’t have to wait too long. In the meantime, we’ll post the odd photo or video clip to keep you entertained.

Here’s the first odd photo.