The perfect wedding music set list is ready (subject to change)

This is so far behind the scenes, I probably shouldn’t even post it. But you never know who it could help – or amuse – so here goes.

When you’ve got a wedding music set list of 60 songs or more, like us, you can quickly get into trouble when you need to play a slow track for a tired crowd, or a fast track for people with loads of energy. Glenn might turn round and say: “Saw Her Standing There” only to wait while we all dive through our chord charts looking for the right page.

(Obviously, bands who only play for 1.5 hours and have only 20-30 songs on the set list don’t have this problem. But that’s barely half our set!)

Last year, Gérard, who is clearly a genius, came up with the idea of numbering the songs.

So I did that, and inserted the pages in the books with plastic sleeves I use for gigs. This worked for a few days, until some new tracks were added – and most of the numbers changed. So, I carefully re-ordered and renumbered the pages. Now, if you’re a genius like Gérard, you will already know my mistake. A mistake I have rectified for the 2015 season. (In fact, I just finished a few minutes ago.)

I have numbered the sleeves.

wedding set list

Part of the reason for this is that I ran out of liquid paper. But now – finally – I can relax, safe in the knowledge that the set list is fixed for 2015. At least, until Monday…